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at Mill Works in Westford, Ma

(Please join us to experience a different SYNERGY program each week)

FALL 2023

September 15th - November 10th 2023

Exclude Dates: October 6th & 27th.

Fridays: 5-7pm

7 weeks / 2-hour sessions / 14-hours

Specialized Professional Basketball Player Development

Boys & Girls / Grades: 3rd- 12th

Bring your own basketball & water

Cost: $225 

Drop-in Rate: $40

Location: Mill Works: 22 Town Farm Rd. Westford, MA 

 There will be a 3% processing fee when paying with a debit or credit card.  

Week 1:  Program "SKILLS & DEVELOPMENT"

Synergy Basketball GOAL is to TRAIN, COACH and MENTOR our players at a high-intensity level from our highly qualified experienced Coach who specializes in Player Development that will take any players from beginners to professionals to a higher level.   

Week 2: Program "XTREME"

EXTREME covers Shooting, Ballhandling, Conditioning, Fundamentals, Competitive intense drills, Competition contact drills that challenge the athletes to enhance their skills at all aspects of the game. Development of individual work ethic and tools to improve there game, Confidence at an XTREME high!


This program focuses strictly on drills to improve your shooting performance.

Week 4: Program "GAME SITUATION"

Where we put players in Different Game Form Situations/ Positions/ Game Plays/ Reading Plays/ Basketball IQ/ Competitive Contact Play and More....... 

Week 5: Program "D-UP"

Will strictly focus on Specialized DEFENSE Drills that will take you out of your comfort zone with high intense energy and maximum effort. Our players will become more confident, with better ball control and body movement of themselves and their components.

Week 6: Program "OFFENSIVE ATTACK"

Is designed to teach our players how to own the court, have full control of their defender, dominate the ball, make explosive moves to the basket.

Week 8: Program "GUT CHECK"

1v1, 3v3, and group matchups. COME TO COMPETE!